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We do whatever it takes to generate the most power from the sun.

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We only use the best, most powerful and sleekest design equipment.

Savings Gaurantee

From day 1 to month 1 and every month thereafter.

Real-Time Monitoring

We remotely check the performance of all equipment in real-time.

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There's nothing simple about the solar industry, so we decided to take a radically new approach.



How long will my solar panels last?

Most solar companies claim their solar panels will produce at a profitable efficiency for at least 25 years. This means over time, your solar panels will suffer a slight degradation, which is about 0.8-1.2 percent per year of original efficiency.

How does going solar help the environment?

Solar panels help the environment because solar power is a renewable resource that is generated in the same place it's being consumed. No need for a power station to burn fossil fuels and send electricity down power lines.

What is a feed-in tariff and is it the same as Net Metering?

When your solar panels generate more electricity than you're using, the overflow will either go into your battery or, if your battery is full or you don't have a battery, will be fed into the main grid. Your energy retailer will pay you for this additional electricity, and this payment is called the feed-in tariff, also known as net metering.

Will solar panels increase the value of my home?

Potentially, depending on how long ago you installed solar and how you paid for it. It might be difficult to recoup all the costs of solar when selling your house within 7 years of installinging it. Many buyers look for properties that already have solar power installed, because they can pay lower electricity bills immediately without installing the panels themselves. The remainder of the loan will however need to be paid off when you sell the home.

Do solar panels need cleaning?

Most quality solar panels are designed to be self cleaning in the rain. If you don’t have much rain for a period of time however, they can collect dust, debris and bird droppings that will reduce the amount of electricity produced. So it’s a good idea to regularly check your panels and clean them with a hose or cloth, as necessary.

How much money can I expect to save on my bills?

This depends on a number of factors that include how much electricity your system produces, its efficiency, how much electricity you use, where you live, and the rate you are charged by your electricity provider.

Is going solar worth it?

Most homeowners choose to go solar for the electricity bill savings. While this might be the initial attraction of going solar, many do not realize solar also allows you to control your power bill and increase your property value.

Does roof orientation matter?

Yes, the orientation of your solar panels will make a difference to the amount of electricity produced. A northerly orientation is best, but your solar installer will look at the orientation of your roof and place the panels in the best locations to maximise the production of electricity on your property.

Will solar panels generate electricity on cloudy or rainy days?

Solar panels will stop generating electricity at night but will still generate electricity on cloudy or rainy days, just not as much as on sunny days. To create electricity, your solar panels need direct sunlight, so whilst it doesn’t need to be a bright sunny day all the time, the more sun that hits your panels, the more electricity is produced.

How does solar power work?

When the sun’s rays hit the solar panels on your roof, it is turned into DC current electricity. The problem is that your home uses AC current electricity, which is why you need to install an inverter. The inverter converts the DC current to AC current, which can then be used in your home with the excess fed into the grid (or stored in your battery, if you have one).

Who do I call if there’s a problem?

With our remote monitoring, we will call you before you call us with any problem. You will also have our mobile app with chat, video and rapid response support.

Can I choose my own equipment?

We only recommend the best equipment and enjoy buying power for these brands, but we are brand agnostic as long as the warranties and production are up to our high standards.

Who does the installation?

We have a network of community based installers, in business for 10+ years, 5 Star rated, fully certified and insured.

Is it cheaper in the long run?

Savings are immediate, prices are locked in, production is guaranteed and warranties extend for 25yrs, regardless of how much electricity prices increase. You also have financial freedom, unburdened by a loan or lease and will have no hassle selling your house.

Can I get a tax credit?

Some states offer their own tax credits (more info HERE). Because we own and operate the equipment so that you can get cheaper electricity, you would not be eligible for a Federal tax credit.

What if I sell my house?

Unlike a loan or a lease, you don't owe anything, but you get the resale benefit of having solar and therefore cheaper electricity for the new owner.

What if I need to replace my roof?

We will remove, refresh and replace all of the equipment free of charge for any system that has been in service for a minimum of 10 years.

Whats included in the price?

25 years of warranties, insurance, service, maintenance, 24/7/365 remote monitoring and a mobile app to track every aspect of the system.

What if I skip a payment?

Think of it as "coin operated access to the sun". The machine won't work if you don't put the coin in. We know life happens and this might occur, but you will still get elextricity from your power company and pay the higher prices.

What’s different from a PPA?

With a PPA, you only pay for what you use, with any excess electricity generaged belongs to the PPA company who then sells it to the grid. With us, you get to own all the electricity generated.

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