Welcome to Beacon, where we believe in a brighter future powered by the sun.


Our Mission

At Beacon, we're on a mission to make residential solar simple and accessible to anyone, regardless of credit score.

Our goal? To help you save money and the planet. Everyone deserves to be a part of the energy transition.

Why Beacon

We want more people to go solar, to save money and the planet at the same time. Everyone should get access to cheaper electricity from the sun and we want to make this happen, one subscription at a time.

Rooftop solar in the USA is expensive, complicated, and doesn't make economic sense until many years in the future, if at all. We are changing the way it is bought, financed and maintained.

The Beacon Difference

We believe there is a better way to go solar. The current solar industry is fragmented, overpriced, and lacks post-installation support. Here’s how Beacon stands out:



Lower your bills and dodge rising electricity costs with a locked-in price. Watch your savings grow each month.


Lower your bills and dodge rising electricity costs with a locked-in price. Watch your savings grow each month.


We’re your solar partner. From installation to maintenance, and ongoing support, we’ve got you covered, just like the sun.


Feel great about reducing your carbon footprint and supporting a greener planet.

Peace of Mind

We won’t lock you into any long-term commitments, because we believe in our product and service. If you decide to move, your solar panels should not become a complication, only a perk for the next resident, who has the opportunity to become a subscriber.


With Beacon, you can count on your system to run at peak performance. We only use top of the line products, and partner with vetted installers. In addition, we monitor your panels 24/7, and provide you with data at the tip of your fingers. If there’s a problem, we’re on it immediately. No worries, no hassle. Just cheaper electricity. Going solar should be an easy choice. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to the sun—better for you, better for our planet.

The Team That Makes It Happen.

Quite simply, we are passionate about getting more people to go solar in the USA, to save money, get energy independence and help save the planet.


Thomas Jankovich

CEO & Co-Founder


Kelsey Weaver

CMO & Co-Founder

Jeff Bray

Jeff Bray

COO & Co-Founder