Private Home Roof Covered With Solar Photovoltaic Panels For Generating Of Clean Ecological Electric Energy In Suburban Rural Town Area. Concept Of Autonomous House

1. You Show Interest and Connect with Us

Visit to check whether your roof is good for solar and get an estimate and real-time price comparison, without giving us any of your contact details.

If you are interested, connect with us via chat or fill out the web form.

2. You Sign Up and Agree to Our T’s & C’s

No credit check needed. We just need to check that you own the home and have a good history of paying your utility bills. You can upload your driver’s license, proof of home ownership, and 1-year history of electricity bills, either on or by snapping a picture with our mobile app.

3. You Link Your Bank Account for Monthly Autopay

We will test the link with a micro deposit to you and ensure you are set up correctly. Your first payment will occur in the month the installation is booked.

4. Our Drone Inspects and Measures Your Roof and Your Project Manager is Appointed

Better than a human and with no ladders, our drone is programmed to quickly set the parameters for the solar array design and set the foundation for permit-ready plans.

Our experienced project managers are there to manage the process, keep you informed, and are available to answer any questions.

5. We Finalize the Layout and Design with You and Submit Plans

Every town varies in their turnaround times, so permits can take anything from 3-8 weeks. We do everything in our power to speed things up with them.

6. We Schedule Your Installation

We arrange for a date that suits you to install the racking, panels, critter guards, and cabling. Our electrician will install an inverter module, connect it to your utility power, and call the town inspector to sign off on it.

7. Post-Installation Link Up

Once the post-installation inspection has been completed, we need to digitally configure the inverter to the panels, check the breaker board sensors, and confirm the PTO from the utility. It can take 2-3 days for the system to be remotely turned on by us, but you will see it all come alive on your personalized app.

8. Discover Hidden Savings Through Data

Our digital tools constantly pull data from the panels, your circuit breakers, and your utility company. You will see what electricity you import, export for credits, and what is consumed, right down to a breaker level. We have rich data sets that provide you with a baseline to check the efficiency of your electrical appliances, as well as your efficiency in time and duration of when you use them.

9. Ask Us Anything, Anytime

With all this new information, you are bound to have questions. Our expert energy advisors are on standby to answer your questions and even brainstorm solutions to create more energy savings.